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Tony Felts - President
Don Lawless - Treasurer
Pam Burchett
Janet Clark
Craig Hittle
Jamie Pike
Brad Shotts
Libby Stickle
Elizabeth Sutherlin
Lisa Wallace
Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2018
Notes from the Sylvan Ridge Board of Directors held on September 24th.
Members in attendance: President Tony Felts, Treasurer Don Lawless, Jamie Pike, Libby Stickle, and Lisa Wallace. New board members welcomed include: Brad Shotts, Pam Burchett, Elizabeth Sutherlin, and Janet Clark.
  • Tony Felts led a discussion of lighting upgrades for the neighborhood. There are eight (8) permanent light fixtures in Sylvan Ridge. Penn Globe, a company the provides decorative lighting to neighborhoods across the country, has provided a quote to upgrade/retrofit our existing lighting to brighter, more energy efficient LED lighting. The estimate is $14,000, which does not include installation. Lighting repairs have previously been done by Barth Electric. '
  • Don Lawless reported that after several years of minimal snow plowing costs, Sylvan Ridge’s account balance is approximately $28,000. The board agrees that a significant lighting upgrade is needed and may finally be feasible from a financial perspective. The board will continue to explore the issue further.
  • The board expressed a desire to convene an annual meeting early in 2019. We are also exploring how to set up a PayPal or Venmo account to allow for paying annual dues electronically.




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