About Us

About the Sylvan Ridge Neighborhood
A. H. M. Graves (Merriam) was the developer of Sylvan Ridge. Merriam Road bears his name and Channing Circle bears the name of his wife's son, Channing Smith. The first Sylvan Ridge homes were built along Cranbrook Drive, 71st Street, and Dean Road, followed by Channing Circle, Briarwood and Sylvan Ridge between 71st Street and Briarwood. The remainder of Sylvan Ridge Road, Merriam, Huntington, and Haverhill were all part of the "second addition". Before those streets were cut through, there was only vacant land north of Briarwood, and the traffic was a few teenagers on the back paths toward Sweetwater.  
Home Show homes that were dismantled and rebuilt in Sylvan Ridge are:   
  • 1956 - 3712 East 71st
  • 1968 - 7305 Huntington
  • 1969 - 7224 Huntington Road
  • {unknown} - 7321 Sylvan Ridge Road

About the Sylvan Ridge Civic Association
The Sylvan Ridge Civic Association is a home-owner based group established in May 1965 to support the neighborhood of Sylvan Ridge in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Its purpose is to foster the general improvement of the area, along with the formation of a structure to cover any mutual problems that might arise. To do this, we facilitate various initiatives including social functions, snow removal, lighting, common landscaping, communication, a neighborhood directory, crime watch, this website, common initiatives, safety and security.
We do this with the financial support of our neighbors, who contribute a voluntary annual fee of $150. We are grateful to have a high level of participation in the payment of these voluntary dues, which speaks to the quality of the neighborhood in general. 

Articles of Incorporation